The WP5 concerns all the dissemination activities to raise the awareness on the project activities and expected results. It includes:

- the set-up of the project web site as a core tool for ensuring the internal and external flow of information;

- the elaboration of the communication plan adapted to local contexts, including the definition of the project logo in order to increase project visibility;

- the dissemination of articles and press releases on project goals and benefits;

- the definition and diffusion of project promotional materials including brochures, leaflets, posters and roll-ups;

- the organization of internal meetings at each project stakeholder level in order to involve the local staff in the project activities;

- the organization of awareness campaigns addressed to students (local seminars and social networks campaigns) and firms (focus groups) for raising the database population and obtain feedback on the skill needs for tuning the contents of the WP4 trainings;

- the organization of dissemination conferences.

Information on project goals and benefits will be disseminated by UNIMED at Mediterranean level as to raise interest from other MENA universities.