The WP6 concerns the quality control on the project implementation.

Partners will provide the project coordinator with interim assessment reports at month 9, 18, 27 also defining a set of input/outcome indicators (i.e. n. of trained people, n. of CV in the database; n. of firms involved in testing activities and in web platform’ use; n. of stakeholders involved in seminars and dissemination) for evaluating the fulfilment of expected results.

The evaluation will allow: 1) To assess activities performance in relation to set goals and work plan; 2) To ensure that the action is in line with high quality standards; 3) To evaluate both processes and products; 4) To get information for eventual changes in project’ progress.

The evaluation reports will contribute to the definition of the reports required by EACEA. After the periodical evaluation, partners will define the possible adjustments to contents and timing of the foreseen outcomes without hinder the overall project management and contents. The tuning of the intervention will be defined in accordance with external factors influencing the project implementation and accordingly to the requests of the project beneficiaries and involved stakeholders.